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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yeah, Right!

Last Friday evening we decided to eat out at an undisclosed fast food restaurant. This is the side of the bag. I think it very, VERY funny the phrase they chose to put on the side of the bag along side the grease that rubbed off the fries. Silly!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Thinking...

I'd like to stray from my favorite topic (my cute kids) for the moment and talk about something silly, but that still has me all worked up... Jon and Kate plus 8 (at our house it is now referred to as Jon OR Kate plus 8) Anyhoo, I'm sick of these two playing the martyr and saying that everything they are doing it for their kids. PLEASE! Spare me! Going on a book tour and leaving your kids with babysitters isn't what's best for your kids. Cheating on your wife isn't best for your kids. Staying on a TV show that is destroying your family because you want to make tons of money isn't best for your kids. Why not try some counseling?

I'm also annoyed and find it humurous at the same time that their egos are so big to think that the paparazzi will also follow them forever. If they were to cancel their show after a season or two people would be like "Jon and Kate who??" The entertainment world is a fickle world. Out of sight, out of mind. They are pretend celebrities anyway. Jon not being able to be "Jon [he] has to be Jon and Kate plus 8" wouldn't always be. they would be forgotten quickly, because TLC would have to replace them with something else. However, now that they are getting divorced the poor kids will inevitably be messed up from this and their fake child stardom and wind up on some version of "where are they now?"

I'm very disappointed that TLC is condoning their awful behavior by continuing on with the show. When they canceled their marriage they should have canceled the show. Shame on you Jon and Kate!

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