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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Health Care Blah

I will admit that I do not know all about the bill, all the details and everything that will come from it. What I have gathered is that there are a couple good aspect of this bill such as young adults who need to be on their parents insurance can stay until they are 26 now (but come of people, grow up, get out of the house and stand on your own two feet!) and that children with pre-existing conditions will now be kicked off their parents insurance. Now I fill like the news was a little misleading with this one because I thought it was for everyone with pre-existing conditions, but just found out a couple days ago it was just children. But mostly this is a nasty, huge bill that threatens to ruin us! Too much money! We can't afford this. And I really like my insurance, it is a little expensive, but this bill isn't going to lower the cost. It's going to get even more expensive. I'm not sure why such a crappy bill was passed. What did the senators, congressmen and Obama administration get out of passing such an awful bill that does more harm that good. Plus we are a democracy of majority, the majority of AMERICANS didn't want it, therefore it shouldn't have passed. I don't think you should sacrifice the happy majority to please an unhappy minority. Blah!

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