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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Who are "We"?

You may have noticed the picture of me and my husband on the top left sidebar. You may have also noticed that we don't have an "about me" page and so here it is. After almost a year of blogging on this site I will write a little post about us.

My name is Stefanie. I pretty much do all of the post and run Random Encounters of We. Jason, my husband is the cute boy in the picture. He does all the behind the scenes work such as provide me with new template and play with the code when something is working the way it should. We live in Kansas currently and I am not loving it. I do love my daughter. I also like to scrapbook and do other crafty things like that.

In the beginning Random Encounters of We was going to be a place for me to release my frustrations of the world and vent. It then switch gears into being an income earning that needed to provide more useful content than my complaints of life (although at times I do complain on here). I'm proud of the progress Random Encounters of we has made in the past year. I appreciate all the advice and help we have received. I appreciate everyone who subscribes, links and even just reads this blog.

My current goal for this blog as far as money is concerned is to make $300/month through ads, test link sales, and affiliate sales alone. I do write sponsored posts because nothing else is providing that much money at the moment. This month we finally reached our first adsense payout, which in my opinion has taken longer than it should. I would appreciate any comments and advice in this regard to help me reach my next adsense payout in a much shorter time.

We are continuing to improve and work on Random Encounters of We. I am trying to provide quality content that is useful to most people. I work really hard on this blog and spend several hours a day on it. I'm proud of what we are, and excited at what we are becoming and will become. Many exciting changes will be happening soon, and I hope you all will stay along for the ride.

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kirbitz said...

Nice to finally meet you stefanie! ;)

With the work that you are putting together for this blog, its not hard to imagine what progress youll be making sometime in the future.

Goodluck in your endeavors!


~Crystal~ said...

Your blog is great. There is no way for it to go except up. You are picking up momentum now and it will all fall into place sooner than you think. Good Luck in all you do.


RandomEncounters said...

Thanks for all your nice, positive comments! I appreciate the good wishes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful blog! Here is another news clip about how same-sex "marriage" affects MA:

Thanks and YES ON 8!