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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mimicking Success

There are many bloggers out there that are very successful with their blogs. My question today is if you mimic their success will you also become successful?

What do I mean by Mimicking?

When I talk about mimicking a successful blogger I don't mean plagiarism or any other type of stealing content. I'm talking about the arrangement of page elements. If a successful blogger has their ads in a certain place on their blog, perhaps I will benefit by moving my ads to that location on my website. If the successful blogger also has a certain page layout that places the posts and referral buttons in different places than I have mine, if I rotate things will that also make me successful. Also, what about their ad choices? I personally have decided to use a certain ad company on my blog because one of these successful bloggers uses it on their website and I'm hoping this will help improve my ad revenue.

I honestly don't know the answer to my question. On one hand if someone has gained success from doing things a certain way than that means their way works. If I try to arrange things on my log in the same way does that mean it should also work for me? Probably not to the same extent as the original successful blogger because our content will be different and we already have different readership, but it should improve things, right?

At the same time, on the other and people give differemt advice for ad placement because different blogs see different success with their ads in different places. If everyone was successful with their ads in the same place, things would be a lot easier. We all would be doing a lot better than we are because we would already know the answer.

My Answer and Thoughts

So, what do you think? If you mimic a successful blogger in areas as page layout and design, but not breaking any of the rules will you become more successful? I think my answer is yes but not for the reason you would think. My answer is yes because when you update and change your blog it improves your statistics. When you change things around on your blog it usually is for the better because you have learned a better way of doing things or you are in the process or tweaking things. This will make you more successful. I guess this makes my 'yes' answer also applicable to the question. Mimicking a successful blogger will probably make you more successful because you will be tweaking in a way that is more beneficial.

What do you think? Will mimicking success make you more successful? Why?

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Ann Levings said...

I thought about your question and my take is-probably for a while but not for your reasons. I think of it like duplicating content; once too many blogs look the same they will start to be unseen, regardless of who started the fashion.
Then the 'successful blogger' will have to change his/her site, again and all will 'buy' the new look.
If you are #2 or #3, changing will help. If you're #2,792,684-not.

RandomEncounters said...

That is a good point Ann. I guess I just figured I was number 2 when I may be number 2 million! Thanks for pointing that out.

p.s. I still need you to email me your address for your prize!