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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh, What a day

Talk about pre-vacation stress! I never thought I would see the day before our vacation. This week has been going by so slow! This morning my daughter woke me up an hour earlier than normal, which I was very bummed about. My theory is if I can sleep as much as possible then our vacation will show up faster. So, having to wake up an hour early didn't help my mood this morning. Then we are testing out some old walkie talkies to see if they work. The last cruise we went on with family everyone was always lost from each other and we couldn't use cell phones because there wasn't any reception, so this time we all decided to take walkie talkies. Everyone else just bought new ones, but we were hoping our old ones would work. Bummer that they don't! Then, after feeing my daughter 2 waffles I went to put the butter away and in slow motion it dropped out of my hands and went crashing to the floor.The huge tub split open and butter flew everywhere all over our new pergo floors. I wiped it up with about a hundred paper towels, but if anyone knows how to safely get the grease off my new floors please send some tips my way. I figure things can only go up from here right?! I'm not going to let these things get me down because... I'M LEAVING ON A CRUISE TOMORROW!!!!

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