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Monday, September 3, 2007


Woohoo is my daughter's favorite word. She says it all the time when she is happy or excited. When we get in the car, when we arrive somewhere, when she is getting dinner, when she is getting ice cream (usually a couple woohoo's). This simple word is how she expresses her excitement and joy in life. It is so sweet and funny to hear.

I have lately been contemplating her woohoo's. She is a good reminder for me to be happy with the little things in life. It shouldn't take a monumental occasion to make me happy or for me to be excited. Why can't I be excited at little things also? (although I do get excited when I get ice cream) I love how little children can humble you and bring you back to the basics.

My daughter's woohoo's have also inspired me as far as my writing goes. I don't need huge news events, or latest technology breakthroughs in order to post. I can post simple everyday things that mean something to me and probably others who read them. I enjoy sharing the little bits of knowledge I have about things.

Let's all be happier and more excited about life and say Woohoo a little more often! Go spread the woohoo's!

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