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Monday, September 17, 2007

Everyone is Talking about Blogrush

I am very excited about Blogrush. It is a widget you stick on your blog that displays blog posts from other blogs in your same niche. This also means that your blog posts are displayed on other people's blogs in your niche. This will give your blog the opportunity to reach an incredible number of people you previously haven't been able to. There is one problem for my blog and many others. My blog doesn't fit into any of the categories they have listed. I have emailed them asking for them to add a Random category. I told them of my new catch phrase that "Random is my Niche" and hopefully they will oblige me and add that category. I am now going to ask you to please email them if you also feel that a Random category would be a good one. I know there are many blogs that can't fit into one category. I am sure many people would join the random category if it was available. Please help move the random revolution move along by emailing Blogrush at

Also if you want to help spread the word feel free to copy and paste this Random button on your site to tell others that we are trying to start a new category for Blogrush. If there are other sites you also want a random category added to let us know and we will start emailing to get that done also. Thank you very much for all your help!

Thanks for your help!!!

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Ed said...

Done, masters of random


RandomEncounters said...

Thanks Ed! We greatly appreciate it!