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Thursday, September 20, 2007

And We're Off..

I wanted to write a quick goodbye for a couple days. We are going on a cruise and we will be back September 30. We have had a great month. Definitely a record breaking month with revenue, subscribers and participation through comments. I really enjoy having a social blog and hope it continues and gets better. October will be a fun month with a great contest, new template, and some other new projects! I look forward to having a little break from blogging to get the creative juices flowing and the stress decreased. I'm also looking forward to not being able to check my stats for more than a week!! Yay! There have been a couple funny post lately talking about people who are obsessed with their stats, and I am definitely one of those people. We may choose to buy some minutes of internet time on the boat but it would just be for a quick hi and maybe posting of a picture or two, we'll see. Thanks for everything and I'll miss you while we're away. Happy blogging to all and have a good week!

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