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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Contest Coming to a Close

Tomorrow is the end of contest #2 for the fun movie prize pack! Since I will only have one day to end the contest and mail off the package before I leave on vacation I am wanting to verify all entries I have so far and ask if there are any more out there I haven't recorded yet. Please leave a comment under this post to let me know if my numbers are wrong or to add anything.
Laura Williams-5
Jason and Caryn-1

If you have more entries or your name isn't on the list please let me know so I can make adjustments. There is still one day to increase your entries by placing the contest code on your site in more blog posts. Thanks for everyone's involvement, it has been really fun! Good luck to everyone!

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Anastasia said...

I think I actually have 6 entries?

5 for posting the graphic in my sidbar and

1 for blogging the contest in it's own post here

Jmus said...

Hi, your blog is very nice, I like the design and the content, simple and objective, maybe you could check out my blog to :)

It would be really nice if you could link to my blog and I would link back to yours,

here is the link to my blog, "Ultraside - blogging smart"

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leave me a comment to contact me, thanks ;)

Sencirely Jmus

ps: I added your blog to my technoraty favs, maybe you can do the same for me :)

RandomEncounters said...

Anastasia, thanks for fixing that mistake I have you all updated!

Jmus, thanks for the complements, I'm off to go check on your blog right now!

Jmus said...

done, added you to my blogroll :)

could you add me on yahoo ? id: j_mustra

comment back ;) thanks

Ginny said...

HI, I have 6 entries, I have it the side bar & then I made a post about it :)

Ginny said...

HI, I have 6 entries, I have it the side bar & then I made a post about it :)

RandomEncounters said...

Thanks Ginny, I have it updated!