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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Recommended Money Makers

I have written about different websites I use to generate income a couple times before. I would like to make a revised list in order of my favorite to my least favorite and let you know my opinion on how well they work.

Sponsored Reviews is my all time favorite money maker! On this website you get to browse all the offers and bid on them. The advertiser gives you a money range that they are willing to pay and you make a bid to how much you are willing to write the post for within their range. I love this site because there are hundred of advertisers waiting for you to bid on their offer. Most of the advertisers don't have any stipulations such as page rank, or Alexa ranking and so every blog can bid on almost every offer. When bidding you have to take into account that sponsored reviews keeps 35% of the money you make so you get 65% of the amount you bid. This isn't too bad when a lot of the offers I am doing are for $20 or more. They pay you every two weeks so that is nice and there is no minimum payout. I have been rejected from multiple offers because I must have bid too much and they didn't think my blog was worth the amount I bid. I have tried to stop being so greedy and bid realistically. I am also an advertiser on Sponsored Reviews and it has been fun to go through the blogs that place bids on my offers and pick the ones I like best to do the reviews.

Blogsvertise goes through waves of being really active. Lately they have provided me with a lot of opportunities which makes them my second favorite money maker at the moment. The offers are usually around $10 which is enough to make me happy and they give you all the full amount of the offer. Blogsvertise pays you once your post is approved and 30 days old. This is a great site you check often but like I said, they go through waves, and so they may not have many offer coming up soon.

Smorty is fairly new. When I first joined they had about 5 offers up for me to complete. I did them all. Now about once a week I get an email that there is a new offer up. Smorty's offers for me have ranged from $6-$9. I don't mind these smaller amounts because something is better than nothing. Their posts are easy to write because they only need to be 150 words in length and have one link to the advertiser. They pay weekly as soon as your post is approved.

PayPerPost used to be one of my favorites. Lately they have been lacking. They have started a new system of reserving the posts. Now whenever you want to do a post you have to first reserve it. This new system has left me without reservations! Whenever I find a post I would like to write all of the reservations for it are gone. Lately I haven't been able to find any posts that I can actually get. Plus I have a couple posts that are three weeks old that haven't been approved yet. They seem to be too busy to approve my posts. PayPerPost works really well for high traffic, highly ranked blogs. It seems to be a program to help the "rich get richer." They pay you once your posts reach 30 days. The highest payment amount I have been able to qualify for was $15. Apparently my page rank 4 isn't good enough for the high paying offers. I still check PayPerPost a couple times a week in hopes of finding a post I may reserve for myself, but lately is hasn't been happening too often.

There are other sites like LoudLaunch and Blogitive that I don't use too often. These two companies only have "weird" offers in my opinion and the only dollar amount I have ever seen is $5. Perhaps these site also work better with higher ranked sites, but I doubt it.

If you know of anymore sponsored post sites please share them with me. If you experience with any of these sites is different than mine please let me know about that also. I want to hear your feedback and comments about these programs.

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