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Monday, January 2, 2012

With a new year, comes resolutions

This blog used to be hoppin'. I used to have a good time with my husband updating this thing, with awesome facts and funny tidbits, the "the trip" happened. We went to Germany for 16 days and when we came back google had decided that this blog was not as awesome as we had built it up to be and killed it! But as I mentioned in the titled, it is a new year and it is resolution time. I would like to be able to blog again, somewhat anonymously, give my opinions, and hear some of yours. So here we go! Here is to a new year and a new chance at life for Random Encounters of We!!

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Dr P. Poorluk said...

What did google to trash the first site?

Follow this link, follow my blog, and learn from my mistakes!​

Making of a Mom said...

they rearranged how they rank things. I went from page rank 4 to 0 over night! I'm now back up to a 2.