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Friday, January 25, 2008

Flash Back Friday - McDonald's

Welcome to this weeks article of Flash Back Friday! When I was looking over last years articles I had to laugh when I stumbled across this one about McDonald's. This really strikes a funny bone for me because in our small town in Kansas our McDonald's has been closed for about 2 months. They completely tore it down and started over. It opened last Sunday. It hasn't even been open a week and let me tell you, they have probably served over 99 billion customers already. It is out of control how constantly busy it is. People didn't seem to be able to handle no McDonald's for 2 months. The next closest McDonald's is a half hour away and so perhaps all these people didn't care to make the drive so their McDonald's cravings have been building up. Anyway, it is pretty funny that people can't seem to live without McDonald's.

How many people really have been to McDonald's?

Some McDonald's signs say "Millions and Billions served" others just say "Billions Served" and some like this sign give an actual number.

In the blogosphere visitors (traffic) are a huge thing for the survival of our websites. We speak of unique visitors compared with return visitors, or subscribers. I love my subscribers and appreciate all the return visitors I get. A place like McDonald's would only be able to survive with return visitors, people who keep coming back multiple times. My question about McDonald's is this: How many people have really been to McDonald's? When your sign says 99 billion served, that is repeat business. How many unique visitors have they actually received? If only there were a site meter at McDonald's, then we might know the answer to this question. I'm afraid the answer to this question will be left up in the air through the ages.

Please leave a comment with a link to your own flash back Friday and share what was going on with your blog one year ago!

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