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Thursday, April 3, 2008

I love to play!

I look forward to Thursdays! Not only are they close to Friday (which is always a happy day) but in my little world they also mean play date day! Every Thursday morning my two friends their kids and my daughter and I get together at someone's house and play for an hour and a half. Well the kids play and we talk. As much as my daughter needs the social interaction and friendship, I think I may need it more. Thursdays are days that bring me back to sanity. They help me feel good about my life and like I can survive. Living all the other days stuck at home with my daughter can really take a toll sometimes. It feels so good to get out. There are a couple times when I take my husband to work so that I can have the car and it is sweet freedom to be able to go where ever I want whenever I want! I think that is a sign it is time to become a 2 car family! Now just to work on the plan to be able to afford one...

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