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Monday, October 20, 2008

My Prop. 8 Epiphone and Conclusion

Yesterday the key to my closure with Prop. 8 came to me. It does not matter what any of the arguments for or against prop. 8 are. I think that both sides are stretching the truth about the consequences of it passing or failing. I think when it comes down to it, those arguments aren't going to make anyone change their decision on how to vote. I have heard this issued compared to slavery, or giving blacks the right to vote or to marry white spouses. People say that this gay marriage thing will be the same as those examples. I'm sure we all do look back at history that took place (way before I was born) and think that it was unfortunate that blacks were treated that way. People think that we will look back and say that it was silly that we fought over this issue of gay marriage. I say that is NOT so. This is not the same issue and we will not look back and think how unfortunate it is.
As long as we are God fearing, Bible reading and believing people, gay marriage will never be looked upon as acceptable in the sight of the Lord. I know that I will never in my life, as long as I have the values I hold right now, look back and wish I hadn't voted Yes on Prop. 8. The arguments may be false, or stretched. The consequences may be in question, but marriage is what it is: one man and one woman.
I understand that some may not believe in the same God I do, or read the same translation of the Bible that I do. I would say the majority of people do believe in the same God as I and therefore understand that we have a loving Heavenly Father who has defined for us this sacred union of marriage as one man and one woman.
I understand that all of us may not agree about this issue, but for me it is what it is, clear cut and straight forward. I have no argument in science and facts today. All I have is my faith in God and knowledge that He has a plan of happiness for us that involves marriage, marriage between man and wife. You may be able to argue facts and statistics but you cannot argue my faith. My faith and beliefs are something that cannot be stripped from me. I hold them near and dear to my heart. With this said I'm going to take a break from battling out the Proposition 8 fight. It became clear to me yesterday that the only way someone can be swung from their vote is for them to do soul searching and find what their beliefs are, why they do the things they do and believe the things they believe. These things we must be respectful of. Good luck in your quest for discovering what you believe to be good and true. Good luck with your vote and know that I will vote YES on proposition 8.

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