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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations and Well Done!

I would like to first say good job to Arizona and Florida for successfully passing a ban on gay marriage in their states. I think this was Arizona's second attempt at it so I'm glad it succeeded.

Good job California for standing up for what you believe and having your voices be heard. I updated this map all night long and felt confident for most of the night. The 52% win was a little close, but a win is a win. I know this is all about population but it makes my heart happy to see that most of the acreage of California supports traditional marriage. I'm glad that the county I come from also passed Prop. 8 with a resounding YES! I hope that we may all be able to live with respect for each other and others beliefs. I'm sure the fight isn't over, but for now we may live in peace and enjoy the God ordained definition of marriage. I wish nothing but the best for those that are struggling to accept this law. I hope the opposition can understand that we also were just fighting for what we believe in, and luckily this time the majority sided with us. Congratulations California!

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Becky Boo said...


So you are celebrating the oppression of a minority. Its not right that everyone can vote on my marriage. I am sickened by this news and even more by the so called Christians who are celebrating my continued oppression. Being forced to become a second class citizen once again. Shame on you. I can not believe that you are celebrating the win, 14 thousand people's families will be broken up. Legally I will have no rights to my wife if she becomes ill and has to go to the hospital, I can't visit her.She will have no rights to my retirement now, because we are not legally married. Our children will have a harder time now that the world has told them that their mommies are not good enough because of who they LOVE. Rights denied. People filled with sadness.

Good Job.

I thought you were an intelligent person, I was wrong. You are just like the man who spit on a 17 year old girl protesting for her rights in San Mateo county.

You make me sick, and I don't think that you are making Jesus very proud either. Try to love your neighbors, not oppress them.

I LOVE women, and I am a women. Why should I be punished? Its all about LOVE. You are an advocate for HATE.

Good job, you have succeed in being a bigot, be proud now because in the years to come you will be going down in history as a bigot.

I will no longer visit your blog because I do not need your negativity or gay bashing in my life.

Thank you for letting me share your forum.

Good day

RandomEncounters said...

Apparently Becki, every conversation we have had on this blog has gone in one ear and out the other. I thought we had already agreed I was not doing this out of hate, and I am certainly no bigot.
I do not celebrate the awful feelings that you have towards this outcome. I do not feel good about your feeling like a second class citizen or like you have no rights. I do rejoice and celebrate marriage, something I think is sacred, being protected from an awful change.
You and me will never agree, but we can show respect. I have shown you respect by keeping all your comments on my blog, but this latest one only serves to call me names. It doesn't have any useful purpose at all so I don't know if I will be keeping it up. If this had gone the other way I would be mourning a tragic outcome. I can be Christian, love my neighbor, and also stand for what I believe is right.
I do not condone any awful, hateful actions by people on the pro 8 side. I do have to say that it is fact that the no on 8 side was much more harsh with unacceptable outbursts at others expense. they continue to be rude, harsh and protest innocent people.
Talk about Jesus, His Father (God) has ordained marriage to be between and man and a woman, I'm sure I voted the right way.
Plus you don't need to worry your little self about this. The no on 8 side will complain and harass until this gets put on another ballot, and as wickedness increases in this world you will get your way. Gays will reign supreme and I'm pretty sure then you will be oppressing heterosexuals. That's probably the gay agenda that will be happening in the next few decades. So don't shed too many tears over this.