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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Abstinence is VERY Realistic

Not too many exciting things happen in Kansas very often so frequently on our nightly news there are celebrity updates or high profile people stories. Recently they aired clips from Bristol Palin's interview in which she is supposedly an advocate for abstinence yet told the interviewer that abstinence is unrealistic. Well newsflash Bristol: Abstinence is very realistic and should be expected. Obviously I feel this way because of my religious views but far beyond that I think it is sick that everyone automatically gives up on the idea of abstinence without a true effort of promoting it. There is hope for young women living in this Sodom and Gommorah world to remain virgins until marriage. If a daughter is taught love for herself and womanhood, virtue, integrity, that she is a child of God, and nurtured by a mother and father I think abstinence is very likely. Often children rise to the expectations placed upon them. If your daughter knows that abstinence is expected until marriage, I think there will be an effort to achieve that. Now kids can make their choices and some will choose a different course than we would like, but with a lifetime of conversation, nurturing, explaining and loving it is possible to make it to marriage pure. Bristol Palin is definitely no role model for this home. I also fully expect to try my best to raise my children to know that abstinence before marriage is clearly the better choice and expected of them.

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1 Comment:

Deborah Howell said...

And I might add not only for young women is abstinence very realistic, but in older women too! I mean with all this stuff going around, and things becoming resistant to antibiotics and so forth, I choose to sit it out, for the time being!