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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free* Jewelery Site

This morning a yahoo news article was about tips on getting things for free. I read through the article not very impressed with anything. Most of the sites were like freecycle where you just trade with other people or give stuff away for free because you hope to find someone that has something you want for free. Then towards the bottom of this article it mentioned the Silver Jewelery Club. When you go to this website they have 4 pieces of silver jewelery up with a timer on it and you can order these pieces for free. Now free really means you pay $6.99 for shipping, but besides that you don't pay for the actual piece of jewelery. The reason they are basically giving these pieces away is to spread the word about this site and the club because they are new. I think it is a great promotion. I put up a ticket on my side bar that will flash current pieces they are selling if you are interested you can click on that banner and it will take you there, or click on the link in this post to visit their site. I'm pretty excited! I'm going to pick a favorite piece and order it and I'll let you know how it all goes!! Enjoy!

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pallavi said...

interesting post.....