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Friday, June 5, 2009

California Upholds Gay Marriage Ban!

Good job California. Just when I thought you were a big waste of space and a breeding ground for evil you come through and conquer this battle (for now). The article I read about was here on yahoo news. I was feeling very nervous for the people of California, but I am so relieved that the Supreme Court realized that regardless of their own opinions, the voters have spoken and they wanted marriage to remain between one man and one woman. Hopefully this move by California will show other states contemplating gay marriage to stop. Although the gay marriage ban holds they also decided to let the 18,000+ gay couples who got married while it was legal to remain married. This makes no sense. If the legal definition in California of marriage is one man and one woman then those marriages are invalid, but whatever. I'll take the bigger victory. Of course gay rights activists will take up this fight once more and try to get it on the ballot again and again until they get their way. I believe they eventually will get their way, but now goodness has won over evil and gay marriage is banned!

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1 Comment:

Human rights crusader said...

you are right someday human rights will prevail when all the bigots like you have died off like dinosaurs....