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Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'm living "Super Size Me"

As I reflect on life living in a hotel it occured to me a couple days ago that we are basically living the movie "Super Size Me." We are constantly going out to eat and when we aren't eating out we are eating frozen food which is equally unhealthy. I have noticed in the past 3 weeks or so of living here that I have gained a couple pounds and I very much look forward to moving in our house. We very excitedly closed on our house yesterday and have started moving things from the hotel into the house today. Tomorrow we will be kicked out of the hotel due to overbooking and we will begin our new lives in our own home. Our things will hopefully arrive this weekend and we can get all settled in. I'm excited to be cooking in a kitchen again and eating healthy and losing the hotel weight. I feel very unhealthy with all the food we have been eating. My husband's family have all been having a walking contest to get us all prepared for the walking we will be doing when we go to Walt Disney World and I have had a hard time doing well because the eating out makes me feel sluggish. I can totally relate to that movie in a bad way and I can't wait to get out of this situation and back into "normal" life.

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