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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

To Pergo or not to Pergo?

That is our question! We are in the middle of a floor situation and I need many, many comments from everyone who reads this post! We have had a floor detail done through Lowe's and we were planning on putting in some Pergo. The people at Lowe's said Pergo is very durable and will last for a while, plus there is a 25 year warranty. I then start reading on the internet and read multiple reviews of people saying avoid Pergo it is awful and will scratch very easily. So I started getting concerned that we were making the wrong choice. I called Home Depot to get an opinion from someone who works there. I also asked a guy who is putting in our french doors about it. So far all of those people have said to not put in Pergo. So I started calling friends. I have a couple friends with Pergo and they love it! But, it isn't in their dining room, and that is where we wanted to put it. I read some more reviews today and all those people really liked the pergo and were glad they had put it in their house. Now I am looking for more review, comments and advice on whether to go forward without Pergo choice or to try and switch to something else. We can't get hardwood because that would totally break the budget. So please offer an comment you can about the Pergo!

Should we put Pergo in our Kitchen and Dining room?
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