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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fun New Segments

Starting this next week at Random Encounters of We are some fun new segments. While we were in Germany Random Encounters had its first birthday! yay! Happy Birthday to us! This was a major milestone for us and a good place to bring in some fun, new articles. Every Monday will now be "Mythbusting Monday" where my husband will tackle some well known and not so well known myths floating around. Then on Friday's it will be "Flashback Friday." I will be going through our articles of the week from a year ago and picking out my favorite one to feature. I will add to, or make some changes and comments on that article depending on how my opinions or information has changed. Under the comment section of Flashback Friday you are also welcome to post a link to your favorite article from your blog from a year ago. I think it will be a lot of fun to relive the past, help each other with traffic, and see what we were talking about a year ago. I think these 2 programs will be a fun addition and a great way to add some structure to the blog. Any comments, suggestions, or opinions will be very welcomed!

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