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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Holiday Contest

As we approach the holiday's it is a good time to enter a contest with a chance to win a prize that you can keep for yourself, give to someone else, or use it to help pay for someone else's gift! Starting today and going until Saturday night everyone who makes a quality comment will be entered into a drawing for a Walmart $15 music download gift card. There will be 2 prizes awarded!! The more comments the more entries! I think that this card can also be used at the store to pay for items, but I'm not positive. The walmart website has a huge selection of songs and CD's to download. It is similar to itunes. $15 will get you a lot of great music! On Sunday I will announce the winners and immediately stick the gift cards in the mail Monday morning so it will be guaranteed to arrive way before Christmas. This will be a great way to participate in Random Encounters of We and perhaps earn yourself a gift card! Let the commenting begin!!!

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