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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Losing PageRank

When I got home from Germany I noticed my PageRank had been slashed in half. I had no idea what had happened, other than I hadn't blogged for two weeks. I didn't think that was reason enough to cut my page rank. I have felt discouraged because of this because there aren't as many opportunities available to lower page rank blogs. Well I just read that google was going through the system and slashing the page rank of those blogs that participate in payperpost and those sponsored programs. Payperpost has been really slow for me for a couple months, and if my page rank is going to be hurt from participating in their program I will discontinue my use of payperpost. My page rank is more important to me than $5 here and there from payperpost. A lot of people do really well on payperpost, but my blog doesn't. What will be interesting is that when you have a high page rank on payperpost you get really high paying opportunities, but if those people are being punished for using payperpost their page rank will be cut and then they won't be getting those great opportunities anymore. We'll see what happens to payperpost. Maybe they can come to a compromise. All I know is that I won't be participating in payperpost anymore in hopes of returning my page rank to 4 and continue my goals of increasing it. Any comments, suggestions or more information would be welcomed.

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Ryan said...

I thought your readers may want to check their website's google rank.

I use:

Ukion said...


I has the same problem. My pagerank go to zero. I delete all payperpost links from my blog, but, it seems to me that google don't notice that, in this month pagerank changes. :(