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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Storm

As you may know from the news there is a major ice storm "wreaking havoc" in the Midwest and east coast. Kansas is lucky enough to be the dead center of the Midwest so we are getting pounded with the storm. I took these pictures in my backyard this morning. My husband said on his slow drive to work there were tree branches and bushes down all over the place. All of our trees are luckily still standing right now. I thought it was really pretty how the ice encased every single branch and blade of grass. Our whole yard is flooded and my husband said all the streets are flooded with little islands where the road is visible. Last night on the news they said we were going to get an inch of ice and the storm is supposed to continue on with another on the way. Oh the adventures we will have with new weather we've never experienced!

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maggie said...

We don't have it quite as bad as you but we've got some nasty weather.

It looks cold. Brrrrr ! It's freezing here too.

maggie at

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Wow, I've seen quite a few Wordless Wednesday's on the ice storms. It's beautiful, but deadly too. Stay safe and have a great WW. :)

Shesawriter said...

What a beautiful winter wonderland. :-)

My Wordless Wednesday

Sandy Carlson said...

Trees are tenacious beings, as your photos attest. It's hard to think there's more of this coming--tomorrow or Friday or Saturday!