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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Flashback Friday - Random

Welcome to this weeks edition of Flashback Friday! Every Friday Random Encounters of We re-publishes an article from that week one year ago. This weeks article was when the Random Revolution started. In this article we talked about a few other "random" themed blogs that we run. These blogs are still around today. Random Games has become very popular and hopefully will be getting a face lift soon. Random Super Heroes has its moments when it is busy and moments it is slow. That blog belongs to my husband so he writes on it when he has time and a subject. It is a lot of fun though. Check them out and let me know what you think.


I currently am the author of two blogs. The first being Random Encounters of We. This blog is like the title claims, random. I have funny pictures, polls, money making tips, and articles on whatever strikes my fancy. I can't narrow this blog down to one topic. When I list in a blog directory I put it under Misc. So it is my misc blog.

The second blog is very new and it is a game blog. It's name is Random Games. Come play away your day! Free online games of all types are there for your playing enjoyment. I used to put games on Random Encounters of We but decided I didn't like them being there, they didn't fit with what I am trying to achieve.

Random Encounters of We is my "mother ship" blog. I am slowly expanding (Random Games) and my husband is expanding with some type of super hero/comic blog ( Random Super Heroes). It is new but it has a few things to check out on it.

Now is the time I invited you to share your Flashback Friday. Leave a link in the comment section to the article you would like to flashback in on your blog.

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