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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

RSS Hugger

Since going to Germany and suffering our page rank loss I am scrambling to quickly improve our blog and increase our traffic. I was just reading an article over at Blog About You Blog about a free RSS feed program that is designed to help increase your traffic called rssHugger. This peeked my interested as a great way to help restore balance to our blog once again. Blog About Your Blog is impressively in the top 100 feeds on rssHugger.

rssHugger is a new website designed to help the blogger promote their blog and to help viewers find new and interesting blogs. I know it can be a challenge to get your blog exposed to a lot of people, so this is another great way to get exposure. They currently have two options for joining rssHugger. In order to prevent spammers and junk blogs from joining you have to either write a quality post about rssHugger, or you can pay $20 and have your listing guaranteed for 10 years (which makes the price $2 per year!). I am excited about this program and to get my rss page up and running. I love to get Random Encounters of We exposed, and I enjoy finding new blogs to read. This site will be a great help with both. If you are looking to expand your website and increase traffic or just want to browse blogs and find some good ones to read, rssHugger is definitely a good place to go.

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