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Friday, December 7, 2007

Flashback Friday

I thought this article was very fitting with the beginning of December upon us. I haven't started working on Christmas cards yet because I have been baking for 4 days. Today I will get most of the plate delivered and then I can start on Christmas cards. I love receiving picture cards with the update on everyone in the family. I usually keep those. When we get store bought cards with a cheesy note inside, those get thrown away after Christmas. We personally don't send out too many Christmas cards. We don't know too many people and the friends that live near get a goodie plate and they see us all the time so we don't send them cards. Reading this flashback article brought back some great memories of the Christmas party. I am looking forward to going to the Christmas party this year with a new company. I don't know if it will be as fancy as our last company and it is going to be held at a country club, so that is less exciting that a car museum, but it should be a good time! It is fun to be looking back to life a year ago! We don't go on too many baby free dates because we don't mind having her with us. The Christmas party this year will also be a child free event so that will be nice.

Let the Holiday Fun Begin

Well now it's December. You know what that means? It's time for the Christmas cards to start arriving, and Holiday parties to commence! My husband and I recently graduated from college and started "real" life. Now that he is a corporate man working for the man we have our first company holiday party to attend tomorrow evening! I for one am very excited! It is a very formal occasion, luckily for the cruise we just went on I bought a formal dress, so I'm glad to have a second opportunity to wear it. There will be cocktails, dinner and dancing until midnight. Sounds so romantic. This is also be the first real "date" we have been on since having our baby. I look forward to an evening with adults, and adult conversations and being able to stay out past 7 (baby's bedtime). It is at a Car museum, so I'll be sure to take a cool photo or two to share. I'd love to hear about any holiday functions you are attending this year! Merry Christmas!

Now it is your turn, if you would like, to leave a comment leaving a link to your favorite article from a year ago. Let us enjoy your flash back!

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