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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I don't understand why people need to be told not to talk on cell phones while driving, or not to put on make up, read the newspaper, or even texting. No matter what vehicle you are driving or are in control of, you don't do anything but pay attention while operating it. People have such a lack of common sense, or else over confidence in their ability to multi task. Get over yourself and pay attention to the road. If not for the sake of your own life, for the sake of other lives. It's called common courtesy to try and not kill other people by your lack of regard for safety. I'm sure there is a lawsuit in the works for the conductor of the train that ran the red light and killed 25 people in California because of alledgedly texting while operating the train. I think that people sue people too often over stupid things, but in this case, sue away. Sue the pants off of whoever is responsible. Money won't bring your loved ones back, but perhaps someone will learn a lesson. There are plenty of useless accidents and deaths due to multitasking while driving. Driving is already a multitasking job; driving with your hands at ten and two, checking your mirrors and altogether being aware of the drivers around you. Please don't add some other activity into the mix. And while we're on the subject Don't drink and Drive!

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1 Comment:

pallavi said...

extremely interesting post... in fact everyone should read it.. no1 has ever thot about driving like this.... congrats...done a gr8 job