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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vote YES on Prop. 8

If you live in California or have family or friends in California than you may be away of the battle for same sex marriage that is going on. Proposition 8 is going to be on the ballot this November in California and I encourage everyone to vote YES. By checking the YES circle you will agree that there should be an amendment added to the California constitution defining marriage as a union between one woman and one man. It is vital that this measure passes and that gay marriage is banned from the state. For the rest of us not in California we are very much effected by this also. California is an influential state. If this measure doesn't pass in California that the rest of us may be forced to have this forced on us as well in the future. We need to protect the traditional definition of marriage. It is true and correct. Marriage is ordained by God and intended for ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN. I encourage everyone to support this bill by going to and donating money to the cause. They need all the money they can get to help campaign, and put commercials on tv. For humanity's sake we need everyone to vote YES on prop. 8. Even if you have friends or family who is gay you can still vote YES. The rights and privileges of marriage should be only intended for heterosexual couples. It is ok to keep the perks of marriage between man and woman. This in no way hurts homosexual couples. They can still live together in their unions. Please realize the importance of this drastic measure and support Prop. 8. VOTE YES ON PROP. 8!!!

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Stacy said...

There is so much against Prop. 8 out there and it is nice to finally hear someone standing up for it!

Becky Boo said...

Prop 8 is a hateful piece of legislation. Look deep into your soul, do you want to go down in history as a bigot?

All people are created equal, everyone deserves the right to marry and raise a family with the legal protection from the government.

There are more important things to worry about like the fact that we are occupying another country or that California has no budget. Why waste money trying to take away the rights from others.

Prop 8 hurts families that have been brought together in matrimony and pronounced partners for life. This is what our nation needs, to treat all their people with dignity. This is a civil right that you are calling to have taken away.

This nation was founded on the need for religious freedom, there is a separation from church and state. The archaic / biblical way of thinking has no place in secular government.

Gay's are not more special than heterosexuals, so we should be treated with the same respect from the government that they pay taxes for as the hetero's. Its a complete waste of taxpayer time and money to strip married homosexuals of their rights. Its ridiculous.

A vote for prop 8 means that you want to take away peoples god given rights, hurt families and just be plain hateful.

Shame on you.

RandomEncounters said...

Thanks for your comment becky. I completely disagree with you. Prop 8 is not taking any of the rights away from gays. A domestic partnership has every single right as a married couple. We need to support prop 8 so that gay marriage is not taught in our schools and to our children. The tradition family consisting of a married husband and wife is the most beneficial situation for children. Sadly every child doesn't have that situation.
Being that the family is the central unit of society I would say prop 8 is the most important issue on the ballot and more than necessary for the tax payers to pay to get this right. In 2000 the majority spoke to ban gay marriage and God willing they will speak again!

Anonymous said...

it is so funny what people concentrate on. you people who are truly against prop 8, need to look into your miserable lives and figure out why you hate so much. you have no problem spreading your legs before marriage to random men,get pregnant,do drugs,drink,smoke,and cheat. but when it comes to gays you are so fast to quote the bible. if you are going to quote the bible you need to obey every single worn. you dont get to pick or choose what benefits you.

RandomEncounters said...

Anonymous you are too cowardly to use your name when your speak out for what you believe.

Everything you described, first of all, is the opposite of me. I have never done any of those things, I do not live that lifestyle. That is not to brag, just to say that you can't generalize everything. Secondly, some gays also have that lifestyle I'm sure so it's not just the heterosexual population.

I don't have a miserable life, nor am I filled with hate. I, just like all the gays, are standing up for what I believe. I believe that marriage is ordained of God to be between man and wife. By the way, there is a lot of scripture quoting going on in my home daily, so I am not being a hypocrite either.

Seth said...

I think that your article and the rebuttals in your comments section are right on Randomencounters. Prop 8 is not about hate or bigotry. It is not about civil rights or liberties. It is about keeping the definition of marriage in the hands of those that created it. Marriage is a sacred union created only between a man and a woman. It is the representation of two humans coming together to form life. This can only be done between man and woman. Evolutionists and creationists agree, life is only created through male and female anatomy. So before gays want the same "benefits" of marriage they should first meet the same requirements, and I am sorry but naturally they can not. Great article. I also write about the importance of voting for prop 8 at Yes on Proposition 8, California 2008

Becky said...


You say that Marriage should be reserved for those who will create life. Those who are planning on reproducing.

What about women who are barren. Are they destined to be single forever?

What about the elderly who can no longer reproduce? Are they destined to be single forever?

Your arguments do not pan out. Do not go down in history as a bigot.

Think twice before voting on hateful legislation.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting how when gays express their beliefs and opinions its interpreted as them expressing their beliefs and opinions and their rights. But if someone expresses their beliefs and opinions that the Bible is right and it disagrees with homosexuality, well then that person is FILLED WITH HATE. The way I see it, I've met way more homosexuals filled with hate against people that don't agree with them than I have met people that disagree with the homosexuals.

Robert Aitchison said...

Prop 8 is nothing but bigotry masquerading as something else.

It sickens me that this race is even close, but I guess when the so-called religious people will not hesitate to lie to get their way all bets are off.

Say no to hate, say NO to Prop 8.

Anonymous said...

well, I hope all of you who are pleased with the recent passing of your discriminatory legisture have a wonderful gay child. And I hope that one day you will have to explain to that wonderful gay child that the reason they will not be able to have marry the person they love is because you thought they were not equal to yourself.
my fingers are crossed that the courts override your ignorant bible pushing discriminatory voice