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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Loud Minority, Silent Majority

You may be mistaken to think that because you are bombarded with advertisements and commercials for anti proposition 8 propaganda that that is what the state wants. You would be mistaken. In life, the minority of the group usually ends up being the loudest for some reason. Well with this matter of marriage and family, let's have the majority, the group that believes in the traditional marriage and all that goes with it, be loud and strong and stand up for what they believe.
The family is the central unit of society and so it is our job to protect it and conserve it. Did you know that 27 other states have already added an amendment to there state constitution making marriage one acceptable between a man and a woman. 27 other states have passed this without the media reporting this and making a big deal about it. That statistic means that more than half of the country believes that marriage should be between man and wife. That is the majority. California now needs to follow suit and pass Proposition 8.
I am sickened that Governor Schwarzenegger supports this and is willing to spend tons of money rewriting all the text books in California to support this change. That is sick. It is also very wrong that he will approve "Gay day" when he begins to sign bills again. Why don't we have a "straight day."
Proposition 8 does not take any rights away from same sex partners. They have every single right as a married couple. The only things that Prop 8 is doing is protect marriage's definition and keeps it between one man and one woman. I hope that even if you know people who are gay, or have loved ones that are gay you can get passed seeing this as hate. This is not hate. This is simply protecting the sacredness of marriage. Please vote YES on Prop. 8! Remember if you want to donate, support Prop 8 or need a yard sign to show your support visit

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