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Wednesday, May 2, 2007


One of the best parts about moving is that I get to buy some new furniture! I have gone to some stores and looked around and found some things I liked. I have also been looking online. One of my favorite sites to look at furniture is call Best Priced Furniture. They have a lot of furniture to look at. One of my favorite sections to look at is the dining room sets. They have a lot of options, I mean 7 pages of options. It's huge! I'm really looking forward to having a nice dining room table and Best Priced Furniture definitely has a lot of pretty tables. They also have a large kids sections which is nice since I am also in the market for a bed for my daughter. One of the great things about this site is that there is free shipping, and so that isn't an extra cost! The website also has a clearance section where you can browse and find some great furniture for even bigger discounts. I think that when we finally get into our new house that some of my new furniture is going to come from Best Priced Furniture and have it shipped straight to my house for free!

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