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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We Got a House!

Well the house hunting has reached an end! We officially bought a house today. Unless there is something terribly wrong that will come out in the home inspection we are a green light. We are very excited to own our own place, decorate it the way we want, get some new furniture and enjoy life as homeowners. We have only been living in the hotel for about 5 days and it is getting old so we are very anxious to get into our house. It will close sometime in June, but we are trying to make a deal to move into it on June 1st since the current owners will be gone by then. We are so excited! Last night we made a list of things we want to change, update and improve upon. We have never had the opportunity to do any home improvement things so some of it we will do ourselves and some of it we will leave to the professionals. One thing we are going to do first is fill in the pool, so if any one has any advice or tips for that process or the kind of person to hire to do that we would greatly appreciate it. This is an exciting new chapter in our lives!

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