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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Thoroughly Modern Mille

The journey begins tonight. We are leaving from our house with all of the things that didn't get put on the moving truck and going down to my husband's house. His sister's are in their high school products of Thoroughly Modern Millie and tonight is opening night! We are excited to see the show because we have seen almost all of their shows and that streak is coming to an end tonight. Once we move we won't be at every show and it is sad to be losing this tradition. From their house we will lave bright and early around 4am to head on the road to moving to the Midwest. I'm nervous to be moving there after all the talk of tornado's lately. I'm very scared of tornado's because I have never encountered one. While we were house hunting we were talking to people and they would much rather face a tornado than an earthquake, but earthquakes don't bother me. I guess you get used to whatever nature disaster you are faced with. If we disappear from the blog for a couple days it is because we are making our trek half way across the country and we didn't have time to post. We don't have a laptop so it isn't as easy for us to post where ever we are. Please keep the blog alive while we are gone, and we should be back by this weekend!

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PoEt said...

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sstarfox2 said...

Good Luck in your new home have fun with it.
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