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Friday, May 4, 2007

Garage Storage

Do you keep your car in your garage or is it filled with stuff? My parents always have most of their garage filled with stuff, from Christmas decorations, to sentimental things they can't part with. All this stuff leads to just enough room for 1 car to squeeze in even though it is a two car garage. One of the things I look forward to having when we finally get a house will be a garage for the car and NOT stuff. There are very nice cabinets and work benches to help with garage storage. I think in our situation since we are just starting out with not very many things to put in a garage a small cabinet would suffice. I think that my husband would enjoy having a work bench to store his limited number of tools and to work on a few projects. As the amount of things we have grows, as we live in our house longer and longer I'm sure it will come to a point when we will need a full wall of storage cabinets in our garage and (to my husbands delight) a pegboard to hang his tools.

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