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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Are the "make money by taking surveys online" scams?

I would say most of these paid survey sites are scams. A lot of these sites want you to pay them anywhere from $25 up and they will give you a list of survey websites that pay you for taking surveys. A couple years ago when I was in college I fell for this and I paid $35 to get this magical list filled with money making opportunities. After joining about 100 survey websites, I figured out that I had been scammed out of $35. I emailed the website I had paid and demanded a refund. They did refund my money, while all the while I was still enrolled in these survey sites. I participated in as many surveys I could in hopes of receiving check after check. The checks never came so I slowly opted out of a lot of the sites. 3 years later my survey list is down to 3 that I participate in regularly and I do receive money.
The first website is Lightspeed Consumer Panel. At this site you take surveys for points (on average about 75 pts per survey) when you get a certain number of points you can cash in for gifts, gift cards, electronics, and money via paypal. For example to get $10 on paypal (which you can transfer into your bank account) is costs 1150 points. I usually save up my points until Christmas time and then cash in to help pay for my presents. This year I choose not to cash in but if I would have cashed in last December I would have gotten $40 which is 4600 points. It isn't much and it took me 11 months, but it is money that I haven't had to work very hard for and its better than nothing.
The second website is MySurvey . This website also does points for surveys but the point to money ratio is a lot better. Here 1000 points is equal to $10. This website sends you a check. If I would have cashed in my points I would have gotten $50 for my 5000 points. Here you can also cash in for other things such as gifts, electronics, tools, a grill, you can also donate to a charity with your points, it is great!
The third website doesn't give you points, it only enters you into a raffle and they have like 25 winners a month or so. Oh I should mention the other two sites also do raffles on top of the point system for more chances to win things. The third website is NPD Online Research . I take these surveys because I don't mind doing it. They only take about 5-10 minutes and so it isn't a big deal to me that I'm only getting a "chance" to win. Last May I did win $100 which they sent in check form after having been a member and taking surveys for 2+ years, so it balanced out with about as much money as I'm making with the other sites.
None of these sites will get you rich quick, I haven't figured out how to do that yet, but they will get you about an extra $100 a year which is nice for some mad money. And all of you may have more qualifying factors in your life to provide you with more surveys. You fill out a little questionnaire about yourself so they know what surveys apply to you, so everyone's opportunities are different. I don't drink or smoke or have pets or have multiple cars or many kids and so there's only so much to ask me, others with those things probably get more surveys than I do. I hope this helps and will provide you with a little extra money. If you have some other good surveys sites I'd love to know about them!!

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