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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Play Station 3 Predicaments

Now I'm not really into the latest video game systems. I have a gamecube and a regular old xbox so besides that I don't really know much about them, but apparently there aren't enough to go around... hence the earlier post about waiting in line for one. So today at our local Walmart there was a riot about where the line was. There were some people lined up in the front, outside of the store where those kind of lines typically are. Then later some people went inside and decided to set up a line. One guy from the line outside went inside to use the restroom and saw what was going on in there. There was a confrontation resulting in a riot. 17 police cars showed up, 11 people got arrested and 4 got hurt. If you read my earlier post about PS3's you know how I stand on this, if you didn't read it then let me tell you... I think this is DUMB. It's just a game. I was thinking about what I would rather have instead of a $500-$600 game system and this is what I came up with: I'd rather have IN N OUT everyday for a year, you know what that comes to? $602.25 A much better deal in my opinion (except perhaps for the weight I would gain). What's it to ya?

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Joshua Xalpharis said...

Somehow, I get the feeling that the shortage is not unintentional.

Prices tend to go up when supply is low. It's simple supply and demand economics. Anyone with an 7th-grade education should be able to recognize that fact.

Ockham himself is rolling in his grave.

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with you - I wouldn't stand in line for something that I could wait to buy without the frenzy after the holidays.

However, I don't know how much $ you have or make, but for a lot of people it's not a matter of something for themselves, it's an investment. You take $600 spend 72+ hours with little comfort (hey, there's a lot of military folks who could do this and find it easier than boot camp) for the chance to make $1000+ profit.

Still, who, in their right mind, would spend $2,000 on a $600 product? Sure, the Jones' who gotta one up the Smith's. Also, there are those who are heavy into competitive gaming and waiting a month could mean their edge.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against standing in line, and I think it crazy. But last year when Circuit City advertised that a $1200 Toshiba laptop would be available for $199 - I jumped. My boyfriend thought I was out of my mind, but he was a gem and played along. At 8:00 p.m. Thanksgiving night there was one person sitting there. They had 15 of these deals available. At midnight about 100 people showed up - none of them were in time to get the $199 laptop, as those 15 were there by 9:00 p.m. However, they did have free desk tops (after rebates) and some other stuff...Thank HEAVENS the store opened at 5:00 a.m. that Friday.

Would I do it again? 12 hours in the cold rain....Depends, how bad do I want it.

Wormbrain said...

I heard some guy paid homeless people $100 each to wait on line for him and get the PS3 ticket voucher. He can turn around and sell each PS3 for $2K on Ebay.

Only in America.