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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Got Melk?

As Thanksgiving approaches, I recall last year. I had just had a baby so we weren't going to be traveling to our families houses. I was going to make my first turkey. As we prepared our Thanksgiving feast and the turkey came out of the oven looking beautifully golden brown, horror suddenly struck me. What if this turkey turns out like the turkey on National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. What if my husband cut into the turkey and it exploded open. In the movie everyone has some turkey but they are crunching it and gnawing on it. I was very nervous as the time came for my husband to carve the turkey. Lucky the turkey did not explode. It was moist as it should have been. I was very relieved at having a great first experience making my first Thanksgiving dinner. As you also may remember from the movie those glorious "melk mugs." You may get a tingle during the holidays that eggnog would just taste so much better if only you had it in a moose mug. Now you can have one. So enjoy your holidays to the fullest, and bring on the eggnog!

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Colleen said...

Love that movie! My first time blogging with CreamAid too. Are you doing any other pay-to-blog things, like Blogitive?

Random1 said...

I am also doing blogitive at times. I also just found this new site called myLot it is like a forum or discussion board and you paid paid to post discussions or to participate in them. It takes some work for it to add up to much but it is very worth it in my opinion. The more you post the higher the payout. Check it out: