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Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Tip for Making Money by Blogging

I recently stumbled upon a site that pays you for a simple thing as a blog post. This site is all about helping the avid blogger make money online. Registration is free to join this site. Once you become a member there are many topics to choose from. You read a paragraph about the site or product they want you to blog about and then you blog it. Included in your post you will put a link to the website so others interested will be able to visit that website also. It is easy, takes just minutes, and on average you get paid $5 per post. Easy as cake right! So if you are interested, just click the link on "make money" and you too can become a member of this great program! Some people don't believe in commercializing their blog. I have a personal blog for family and this one that was meant to be commercialized. How do you feel? What's it to ya?

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