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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Santa is in the Building

Merry Christmas... oh wait it's not even Thanksgiving. Well Happy Thanksgiving then. I may be one of the few saying this to you because when you head to your local mall Santa may already be on his throne. On Thursday night we were driving around town when all of the sudden we saw a ton of fireworks going off in the general direction of the mall. My husband stepped on the gas almost getting us in a couple of accidents, but we really wanted to know where the fireworks were coming from. We are far enough away from the 4th of July that this was a very strange occurrence. Especially since they crack down on fireworks when it is out of the allowable week. When we finally got to the mall the fireworks had stopped and so we got out of the car and ran inside to see if anything spectacular was going on inside. When we got inside we found ourselves face to face with Santa and some very tall elves. What is Santa doing in the mall before Thanksgiving? Soon he will be there before Halloween? Maybe he'll dress up for Halloween!! I'm very disappointed in the level of commercialization that has come into Christmas and that the retailers feel that now we need a couple extra weeks to shop (haven't they heard of black Friday? that's crazy enough without adding extra weeks onto holiday shopping) Anyway, I'm very annoyed at this! I want to write a letter. Letters seem to get things done. Who would I address it to? The mayor? My congressman? Arnold himself? I want all thing Christmas to come in the month of the holiday or at least wait until Thanksgiving is over. GEEZ! What's it to ya?

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