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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Earn Money by Participating in a Discussion Board

I recently came across a site called myLot . This site is an online community established so people could discuss all topics they ever desired. It is a type of forum or discussion board where you get paid to participate. Registration is free. Once you have your username you can start participating in discussions or start your own discussion. For each comment made or discussion started you get paid a certain amount. You can also upload pictures and insert pictures into your comments and get paid additionally for those. Your earnings are updated once a day, so when you first begin it will take a day to see where you are at. It is very easy, simple and there is no maximum amount of money to you can earn. You can earn as much as you'd like, you just have to participate more. If you bring in referrals you get 25% of what they make, that adds up quickly. That is a good way to keep your income coming and keep you working at a pace that suits your time constraints. I'm loving this site. So check it out... myLot! Any money made is better than nothing right? But it adds up quickly!

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LFC fan! said...

In my opinion sta-ads are not showing ads related to contents like adsense. But they are more like adbrite. So I dont think there can be some problem in showing staads.