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Friday, November 24, 2006

Why Does Vacation Fly By?

We are home from our cruise to Mexico! It was very sad leaving the ship this morning, I almost cried. We cruised from Long Beach to Catalina Island to Ensenada Mexico and then back to long beach! The time flew by. We had an excellent time. This was our first cruise and we are really looking forward to taking more! Any suggestions? We traveled on carnival and it was very nice. I think I would like to try another cruise line next time. We are now starting the "detox" part of life after vacation. There isn't wonderful food available 24 hours a day here and no one to clean up our messes but ourselves. I think it will be hard to adjust. I've already been craving chocolate cheese cake, but there is none to be found. We were very good as far as not spending way more than the budget would allow so I am proud of us for that. Other than that I'm kind of in a fog as to what to do now. I guess back to normal life, laundry, cleaning, cooking... I don't think I'll be participating in the hype of black Friday today, so all you holiday shoppers enjoy!!

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1 Comment:

Chris said...

Here via blogmad.

We have done two cruises on Carnival (Bahamas and Cozumel) and I enjoyed them both immensely. My inlaws cruise all the time and say Carnival is one of the lower rungs of the cruise ladder so I can't imagine what Royal Carribean or Norwegian must be like.

Glad you had fun!

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