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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To Commercialize or Not to Commercialize?

That is a lot of bloggers questions. Lately as I have been surfing many blogs I have found a common theme among many of them. They are unsure whether to participate in programs such as adsense, creamaid, or payperpost, and the list goes on. All these programs either put ads on your blog or you write posts (advertisements) about products or websites. Some people are very passionate about their blog being personal and the "real them" while others may just have a blog to keep in touch with others, some have blogs to write about what they know, others try to do that, but they really know nothing (I'm afraid I fall into that category). So what are your feelings? I personally have a family blog that is kept as private as something can be on the Internet. My family doesn't understand using the blog to make money and they don't want to be bothered with my paid posts. For that reason I started this blog where I could talk about everything without infringing on them and I can put paid posts on or not. Whatever I want. I see nothing wrong with making money by using your blog. For me it is a way for me to help with the family income. I am a stay at home mom and I want to contribute (or at least have some mad money that isn't taking away from the household). But if it is greatly disturbing to monetize your blog, stay far from it and don't click on the links in this post! How do you see things? Have you ever thought about it? What's it to ya?

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