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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm getting gray hairs from telemarketers

Was the National Do Not Call list a big joke on me or what? I just looked at my caller ID and I recieved 15 calls from people I don't want to talk to (telemarkerters, mortgage people with better loans to offer, people starting out the conversation with "Boy, have I got a deal for you") What am I living in the bizzaro world? Most of the time the people aren't even real, it is a recording. At least when it is a person I can either 1. Tell them to take us off their list (as politely as I can while all the while I'm fuming) or 2. Get the satisfaction of hanging up on them mid sentence. I really feel bad for the people that have to make these calls. I used to be one of them - telephone surveys that is. It's a crappy job, but when your in college you'll take what you can get. And this occurance isn't just today. This is everyday. We get more phone calls from telemarketers than from people we actually know (don't judge). Sometimes I just don't answer my phone. What am I to do? Some days it doesn't bother me, but some days (like today) it does. I'm too young to get gray hair. Do you get telemarketing calls? Maybe I'm the only person on their list and that is why this happens everyday! Well it bugs me... what's it to ya?

P.S. As I was about to push the post button, Golden State Finance called, ironic eh?

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Lee said...

I hate it when they start with the line 'Nothing serious..'

Ash said...

Sorry for leaving this as a comment, but I just see no way of contacting you. You requested a link exchange on my blog, I have added yours to the link exchange, please reply once you have added mine!


Chandira said...

I answer sales calls for a living, I screen them out for my boss. They truly suck, but I love fighting with them, especially the people that walk in the door expecting to sell us a copier. They are the best. I asked one guy, why when I said no, did he persist? Did he think it was an endearing trait? He turned beetroot red, and stormed out. I got applause.

Fighting the good fight, one bad suit at a time.

Lori said...

I think I get more calls from phone surveys, charities, credit cards companies etc. than from actual people I know as well. Some, like the charities, are exempt from the Do Not Call thing, but I still don't have any money to give them. I don't know who all I get calls from though, because I look at my caller ID and don't answer unless it's from someone I want to talk to; lots of times it just says "unavailable" or something. I never answer those, because that only turns up when it's from a telemarketer or somebody like that (I'm not talking about "anonymous" here, but "unavailable"). But anyway, if you don't have caller ID it might be worth the investment, so you don't have to answer unless you recognize the number and want to talk to the person.

Random1 said...

Thanks for all the response to this post. I think these bad calls are something that most people have in common.