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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Idol

I was a huge American Idol fan back in the days of Clay Aiken. In those days there were fabulous singers and they deserved the success that inevitably followed the show. Since then I haven't been able to watch American Idol because it really bothers me. Most of the people on the show are so annoying and I cannot stand Randy Jackson. Last night I watched American Idol for the first time in a long time (because Gilmore Girls was a rerun) and I was very disappointed. No one on that show can sing very well. Last night very single song was awful! I am very confused at why those people are on the show. Maybe last night was just particularly bad for them, but it was pretty awful. Last night was just proof positive that I'm being more productive by not watching that show then wasting an hour of my life on Tuesday filling my head with their horrible sounds.

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