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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Quilting Fingers

With the hope and possibility of moving soon my mom and I have been making quilts. I don't feel like we have enough bedding in case people come visit us or if there is ever freezing cold weather and we need to have a tons of blankets on our own bed. I like to make my own tie quilts because it is easy, fun, and I like to choose the fabric. A couple days ago we went to Walmart and chose fabric for two quilts. One of them is all tied, it just needs to be sewn up around the edges. The other one will get started on in the next week or two. With having the quilt all tied up for a couple of days finally my thumb and first finger are not tender. They hurt so bad while I was tying the quilt. My mom thought it was the needle I was using, but who knows. I used my pliers a lot to avoid hurting my fingers but to no avail. Happily my fingers have returned to normal except for two small blisters but I expect a full recovery (probably just in time to start on the second quilt!)

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1 Comment:

tim said...

thank God your pinkies are okay...