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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Job Hunt 4th Edition - Irony

Does the phrase permanent vacation mean anything to you? It has a new meaning to us. Before today I used to think of permanent vacation as retirement. As of 9:30 this morning I think of it as unemployment. The company my husband worked for down sized this morning resulting in him being in the ranks of the unemployed. Luckily being laid off is VERY different from being fired and it includes a couple months of pay and our medical benefits, so things will hopefully be okay until he gets another job.

Now I haven't updated you on the job hunting process in about a month or so. Let's get the update now. Luckily we had started job hunting back in November so we have many months of this under our belt. Job hunting, as it turns out, takes a while when you are relatively fresh out of college and don't have much experience. I think we would be more devastated over this lay off if we hadn't already been planning on leaving. My husband does have a gig lined up though. Next week he is flying out for an interview. We have been talking to this new company back and forth for about a month now, so we are very hopeful. It is in a nice, family friendly area and so we are very much hoping for this (we were hoping for this opportunity before the lay off but now we are REALLY hoping!)

All of this comes as a shock to us. His former company has lay offs quite often which is one of the reasons we wanted to leave. We would stress about them, but it always seemed to be something that happened to someone else, not to you. Well now that it has happened to us, we are getting over the shock and moving on. We are going to increase the job hunting efforts so we can be prepared for anything, and we hope for brighter days.

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