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Sunday, March 11, 2007

How are your Hubs?

A while back I told you about Hubpages, a place to share some of your articles and other writings for people to read, but also to have associated with your your google adsense, ebay, and/or amazon. This has been a fun place for me to put some of my favorite articles. Most of the articles I put on hubpages are ones that have been published on this blog so it doesn't require a lot of extra work. I feel like it is a great way to spread more of my writing and have an extra way of generating some income. It is also an interesting site to surf and read other people's articles. Once of my favorite articles on hubpages is called "why is my newborn crying?" it talks about all the different cries a baby has and how to decipher them. I really enjoy hubpages and I thought I would remind some of you that it is available for your reading and earning enjoyment!

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Bryan Baker said...

Hey guys,
Thanks for visiting Bryan-Baker Dot Com. I came by to read and leave some feedback. Here's my thoughts on this blog:
·Readability - Good Contrast
·Feed Chicklets - Good Placement
·Search Function - Most Often Forgotten

·The plethera of advertisements on the sidebars is distracting. Incorporation the ads into your posts would improve the esthetics.
·Below posts (viewed with IE7), it reads:
at 7:14pm...0 comments.

Try shortening that space so "Posted by Random2" is all on one line.
·A bit of cleaning up would improve the theme a lot. (e.g. below the header there is some kind of blue-tan-blue-green alternating bar...not sure what I'm talking about? That's because I don't know what it is or for.

Alright well I'd also appreciate any constructive criticism at Bryan-Baker Dot Com, and if you like my sight then just leave a comment :-D

-Bryan Baker