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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Vacation and Weddings

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy holidays to those of you celebrating a different holiday. Tomorrow is Christmas, a time for family. We will be spending the beginning of the day with my family and then heading down to be with my husband's family. Then on the 26th we leave for a week long vacation/wedding in New England so this is my farewell for a week post. We will be back on January 3 to update and begin a fresh new year. We are hopeful for continued success on Random Encounters of We and our branch off blogs of Random Games and Random Super Heroes. Please feel free to visit those blog while we are away. Have a wonderful Christmas, I hope all your wishes come true. Please have a safe and sober New Years Eve. I am excited to be back and join you in the new year and am excited to see what it brings!

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Nipul Pravin said...

merry christmas to you as well. You can make your blog better. common!

PoEt said...

Congratulations, your blog has been nominated and accepted to the Blog of the Year Award vote. The voting is currently taking place at Blog About Your Blog, so start promoting that link and letting your readers know to vote for you.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Good LUCK!

Anonymous said...

Hi random,
can you plz give ur game blog url? I am back from vacation and so I can add your url in my game blog.

PoEt said...


Blog About Your Blog has moved to a new domain. We appreciate the links you have given us, but we ask you to please change them

You can now find us at