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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Crack Kills

I'm sure you all have heard the phrase "crack kills" and you know it does not mean what you first think it means. This is in no way talking about, advertising, or promoting drugs. The crack I refer to is... butt. Let's talk about plumbers. When a plumber comes to your house you pretty much expect it. You see him walk in your front door with some baggy jeans on and think "I gotta keep the kids out of the kitchen 'cause this is going to get ugly." We had a "crack" in our pool a couple weeks ago and had a pool guy come out to fix it. Turns out he knows how to fix pool cracks but not his own. I didn't expect "plumber crack" from the pool guy, but hey, I guess he is a form of plumber too. What I really didn't expect to see was a big, leather wearin', harley ridin' biker dude flaunting his crack on the freeway the other day. Nastaroo! While bikers are not the epitome of being well dressed, they usually are covered up (except for biker chicks who seem to like to accentuate their cleavage). I wish there was some way to rid the world of crack (both kinds) but I supposed for now that is a losing battle. Plus, then plumbers wouldn't have an MO.

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1 Comment:

Anita said...

Awesome post! Based on this, I think you'd love my site - Say No to Crack. It's a random site that hosts all types of silly humor, not just toilet humor (although we have some of that too!).