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Thursday, December 14, 2006

X Marks the Spot

Ahoy me hearties, tis be a fine day for a treasure hunt.
Actually, these days it's called Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing), it's like a high tech treasure hunt. Here are the basics of geocahing from Lifehacker

  • You enter a set of coordinates (the latitude and longitude variety) into your GPS receiver. This is the 'X' that marks the spot.
  • You let your GPS navigate you to those coordinates. They might be in a public park, a patch of deep woods, or a mountain trail.
  • You search the area for the hidden booty, which may be wedged in the crook of a tree branch, buried under a small pile or rocks, or otherwise concealed.
  • You claim a trinket from the "treasure chest" and leave behind one of your own.

For more details refer to the article.
I have always heard stories and seen TV shows about people going on quests to find real lost treasures of the world, but my lack of knowldege about history and a lack 'caches' of money prevents me from traveling the world in search of buried booty. When I read about this new way of treasure hunting, I saw it as the prefect opportunity to be a treasure hunter but still be home in time for dinner.
If you want to check out the actual geocaching site for more details, click here

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